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Very Innovative School in Chicago-

January 14, 2013

The Academy for Global Citizenship is an innovative Chicago Public Charter School, located on the Southwest side of Chicago, where access to quality public education is scarce. AGC is meeting an urgent demand: serving grades K-5, adding grade level every year, and serving a larger mission to influence the way our society educates future generations. Our approach, which incorporates sustainable living, student-led learning and local and global communities, has fostered dramatic change in our students, our community and in the Chicago Public School System. We are producing a replicable model for learning in the 21st century, including the construction of a net-positive energy campus.

This campus will be the first of its kind in Illinois and will serve as a model for generations ahead. We have identified an 11 acre plot of land in our neighborhood to house a K-12 school building. In addition to bringing together our students, currently split between two buildings, the campus will create more energy than it uses, house 7 acres of urban agriculture, fruit trees and a native tree forest, and serve as both a hub for community collaboration and a learning laboratory, open to the public for tours and educational collaboration.

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