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Cold and Flu Season the Natural way

January 12, 2013

Okay, many people have been asking me how to stay healthy and avoid the flu this winter. Here are my suggestions:
1. Take vitamin D2 and a WHOLE FOOD multi Vitamin, mineral supplement.
2. Stay hydrated- drink lots of water- (what is the QUALITY of the water you are drinking? Makes a difference- you may be defeating yourself with water that is full of toxins)
3. Elderberry syrup or tincture. (I tincture Elderberry, blueberry, blackberry, with lavender, calendula, mullein or comfrey, nettle, oat straw, Hyssop and peppermint- this can also be made into a syrup by starting with the berry juices and steeping the herbs.)
4. Exercise- depending on your blood type-it might be heavy workout for the type Os, or lighter things like walking, yoga etc for type As , but exercise lowers Cortisol (stress) and increases the immune system.
5. Plenty of sleep. (Keep electronics out of the bedroom! no TV, computer etc. in your sleeping space.) Train yourself to the concept that the bedroom only has 2 functions and one of them is SLEEP!
6. DeStress- do what makes you happy, PLAY, meditate, listen to music (calming music), talk with a friend who is supportive (do not complain or talk about negative things.) Stress lowers your resistance and decreases the immune system.
7. LAUGH every day- find something that is hilariously funny and just laugh. Laugh at the human condition (we ARE really funny if you think about it!)
8. Do a kind deed for someone- even if it is just opening a door-recognize it as helping someone else. Research tells us that every kind deed improves our immune system. (Even WATCHING a good deed boosts our system!)
9. Eat clean, organic food- get EWG’s “Clean 15, Dirty Dozen” list of fruits and vegs and carry it to the store with you.
10. Let Food be your medicine. Monitor what you put in your body- is it REAL food? Is it good for your body? Does it feed your cells or just your stomach?
WASH YOUR HANDS PROPERLY- that means 2 minutes of soap and water, between the fingers, under your nails and up your wrists. The viruses are around us, it is much better prevent than to treat. If your immune system is strong, the virus will be killed off quickly even if you happen to be “attacked.” Common sense tells us to stay away from people who are ill, be cautious about public places. (That is probably difficult if you are working, but do the best you can.)
Wishing you a healthy season- I will post some herbal remedies for flu and cold- stay tuned

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