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20 Top Natural Food Brands by Organic Authority

October 10, 2012

The Top 20 Most Credible Natural Food Brands

20. Wildwood: The organic sprouted tofus are GMO-free but some of the processed fodos including yogurts, can contain ingredients to avoid.

19. Rejuvenative Foods: High quality fermented foods.

18. Kettle Chips: Stick with the organic options.

17.Lundberg Farms: Beware the packaged risottos with “butter flavor.”

16.Tofurky: Generally clean organic tofu products, but some of the more processed items, including the pizzas, contain questionable ingredients that are best to avoid.

15. Reed’s: Ginger is medicine, and these sodas are amazing, but they do however contain a lot of sugar. Like all soft drinks, save for special occassions.

14. Mary’s Gone Crackers: Gluten-free, whole grain and clean ingredients when snacking is a must.

13. Sunshine Burger: Pretty much the only soy-free, wheat-free veggie burger option besides your own recipe. They essentially do just one thing, and they do it well.

12. Field Roast: Very clean mock-meats, but wheat-based and non-organic. Still, better than most else out there when you can’t make your own.

11. Equal Exchange: An emphasis on Fair Trade coffee and chocolate. Check ingredients on processed items.

10. Theo Chocolate: You can find a lot of locally made chocolates now in most major cities, but a good default option is Theo’s organic and Fair Trade varieties. Not all vegan.

9. Artisana: High quality clean nut butters in glass jars.

8. Bob’s Redmill: Stick with the solo ingredients rather than the mixes.

7. Dr. Bronner’s: They mostly make the world’s best soap, but their coconut oil is now available in stores and it’s the best-tasting Fair Trade coconut oil currently available. Hopefully they bring more products with integrity to our food supply.

6. Big Tree Farms: A newcomer to the food industry, but they’re doing some revolutionary products including coconut palm sugar. And working with thousands of farmers in Bali as a cooperative is also pretty cool.

5. Traditional Medicinals: Pharmacopeial grade herbs formulated by professional herbalists for high-quality, effective teas.

4. Nature’s Path: The go-to brand for organic cereal and a commitment to non-GMO ingredients, but beware, they still use a lot of sugar and ingredients like soy oil.

3. Food for Life: Sprouted grains are edible grains. No fillers; impeccable quality.

2. Bragg’s: Trust people who make their money on apple cider vinegar. And drink it daily.

1. Eden Foods: BPA-free cans, organic soy, no gelling agents in the soymilk, commitment to organic, local and traditionally made foods for three decades. Family-owned.

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