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Cancer is man-made situation

June 16, 2012

A recent study by University of Manchester scientists has strongly suggested that … cancer is a modern, man-made disease caused by environmental factors such as pollution and diet.

In the extensive study conducted at the University’s KNH Centre for Biomedical Egyptology, scientists examined hundreds of mummies and found … no signs of cancer—except for one isolated case.

Professor Michael Zimmerman said: “In an ancient society lacking surgical intervention, evidence of cancer should remain in all cases.” Therefore, the virtual absence of tumors and malignancies in mummies must necessarily be interpreted as evidence that cancer was indeed rare in ancient times.

The 17th Century Ushers Cancer In

It wasn’t until the 17th century that the first reports of cancer appeared in scientific literature—such as cancer of the scrotum (found in chimney sweeps in 1775, caused by soot particles); and nasal cancer found in users of snuff (finely ground tobacco) in 1761.

The University of Manchester study indicates that cancer-causing factors exist only in modern, industrialized societies—and cancer is fueled by the excesses of modern life.

The food you eat … the air you breathe … the clothes you wear … the water you drink … the personal care products you use … the medications you take … the water you bathe in … virtually everything you consume, and everything you do—or are exposed to—causes cancer these days!
There are soooo many natural cures –but prevention is the real aswer.
1. Filter your water! (most municipal water is loaded with carcinogens that are not even tested for and bottled water is worse.)
2. Filter your AIR- as best you can , keep the air you breathe at home, in your car and in your work space as pure as possible
3. Eat ORGANIC and local.
4. EAT as close to nature as possible- avoid processed foods, avoid anything ADDED into food (preservatives etc)
5. Sleep 7-8 hours per night–most Americans only average 4-5 hours of restful sleep.
6. DeSTRESS. Stress depletes the immune system..learn to relax. meditate, Yoga, Tai Chi, Gigong, music, –whatever helps you to quiet the mind an drelax the body.
7. Exercise- walk, run, swim–whatever you LIKE to do…the heart is a MUSCLE and it needs to be worked like any other muscle–
8. Keep a positive mental attitude and be grateful for everything!

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