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Traveling? Here are some tips on how to stay healthy

August 29, 2011

Staying active
Luckily, many hotels now have fitness rooms available, so you can get some type of activity in while you’re traveling. Here are some other fitness travel tips to keep in mind:
• Move around frequently, especially during long flights or road trips. If you have any health conditions, ask your doctor if you need to do anything special to try to prevent blood clots.
• Give contact lenses the extra care they might need. Air on a plane is very dry.
• Always keep your seat belt fastened to avoid injury during turbulence.
If you are on a road trip you may want to try to get some activity in by:
• Parking in the farthest spot so you can get a quick walk in to your destination
• Finding local parks, walking paths and fitness centers offering day-passes
• Mall walking — 365 days of perfect walking weather
Good nutrition
Just because you’re not at home, doesn’t mean you need to head for the drive-thru, and even if you do, you can find some healthy options on their menu.
At the airport
• If all you have is a convenience store, look for trail mixes with raw nuts, without candy and no added salt, or protein bars that aren’t loaded with sugar and low-fat milk.
• Some airports have sit-down restaurants where you can get grilled or broiled protein, vegetable omelets, whole grain toast, salads and fruits. Be sure to watch the sauces, dressings, butter and condiments, which can be loaded with sodium and fat.
• Sandwich shops often have coolers with low-fat yogurt, salads and fruit cups — just be sure to pass on the carb-filled bagels, butter croissants and pastries.
• Don’t forget the water! Airline air is very dry and sometimes we mistake hunger for thirst. Be sure to stay hydrated.
Gas stations and convenience stores
• Raw nuts have good fats that your body needs to stay healthy. Look for unsalted almonds, pistachios, walnuts, cashews and macadamia nuts.
• The refrigerated section can offer you some healthy choices such as low-fat or fat-free yogurt, cottage cheese or string cheese.
• Look for single servings of whole-grain cereals with low-fat or fat-free milk for breakfast.
• Hard boiled eggs are a good source of protein.
Grocery stores
• Most grocery stores have pre-cut vegetables, fruit and low-fat cheeses.
• Salad mixes with single serving dressing packets.
• Try to avoid deli meats that are loaded with sodium and nitrates.
• Grab fresh fruit, such as apples and bananas, that you can keep in the car or in your hotel room.
• Pass on chips that are full of fat and oils and opt for whole grain crackers.
Fast food
If you need to make a stop at a fast food restaurant you do have some options:
• Salads with fat-free or low-fat dressing
• Grilled chicken sandwiches, minus the mayo/dressing and cheese
• Sub sandwiches with fresh vegetables and lean meats
With a bit of planning you can stick to your healthy living plan while you’re away from home. Remember that is an excellent resource for health and benefit information wherever you are.

Here are some exercises for the airplane

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