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12 things we’d say about health -if it weren’t for lawsuits

June 17, 2011

This is from Organic Lifestyles Magazine–
12 Things We’d Say about Health– If It Weren’t for Lawsuits

Disclaimer: Only a doctor can diagnose and treat disease. Consult with your physician before making any significant health decisions. Be wary of published articles such as these. These are not statements we are making as fact, only as things we would state as fact if we had no fear of being sued.

1. Conventional doctors are egotistical, brainwashed drug pushers who know nothing about health.
Yes, there are some good doctors out there, but unfortunately doctors typically don’t know anything about health. Their expertise lies in disease management and whatever the drug companies have told them.

2. Alternative health doctors and practitioners with their potions, herbs, creams, and supplements are typically no better than conventional doctors.
You may think that OLM is all about the alternative medicine practitioners. While we do feel that the best doctors in the world practice alternative medicine, we prefer a holistic naturopath who understands how the whole body works together. You can’t fix one symptom and/or one organ while ignoring a toxic lifestyle and expect the body to work right. The biggest problem with doctors of both the conventional and alternative varieties is that they tend to think that their one area of expertise, be it drugs, surgery, herbs, or chiropractic, is the answer to everything. First and foremost, if you want to be healthy, you need to adopt a natural, healthy lifestyle. And if your doctor doesn’t address this, he or she’s not the doctor for you. It should be noted that most doctors who say they take a holistic approach do not, and they still have a lot to learn about what really is a healthy lifestyle. You’d be surprised to know how many doctors don’t even know what essential fatty acids are (they think they do, but they don’t).
3. Complementary alternative medicine is for people who can’t make up their minds.
In most cases of complementary alternative medicine, the “alternative” part is so weak and’ half-assed” that there would be no positive results without the conventional medicine. However, with the conventional medicine, it’s extremely hard to get anywhere with alternative medicine because you are too busy adding chemicals to your body.
4. Medicine is very rarely used to restore health.
Whether it be alternative or conventional, medicine is typically used to cover up symptoms so that one can go about a toxic lifestyle unhampered.
5. Health and fitness are not the same thing.
Look at Lance Armstrong! While he is a remarkable man, and a hero in many respects by most standards, he had to be in extremely poor health to get cancer. Health and fitness can go very well together, but they are not synonymous. Powerbars, gelpacks, protein powders, creatine, Gatorade, and caffeine are not healthy.

6. Healthcare in America and most of our modern societies is all about illness – not about health.
It’s about treating and managing illness. The goal is to make patients feel good enough to carry their illness through their toxic lifestyles. When is the last time you heard of the modern medical establishment coming up with a cure for anything?
7. The majority of supplements sold are ineffective.
Synthetic vitamins, fillers, undigestible minerals; the list goes on. Forget buying quality supplements at your local drug store, GNC, multi-level marketing sources, or even at most health food stores. At best, most supplements are weak and ineffective. At worst, supplements are toxic and actually cause deficiencies.
8. Vaccines do more damage than good.
This article is not here to argue whether or not vaccines can eradicate disease. But there are too many vaccines, they contain toxic ingredients, and they are damaging the health of our children. It’s out of control! Why more people don’t see this is absolutely amazing!
9. Pharmacies are the unhealthiest places to be.
There isn’t anything healthy at a pharmacy!
10. There is a cure for cancer, diabetes, and most of the other illnesses plaguing us today.
The cure is a natural, healthy lifestyle. Raymond Francis says it best, “There is only one disease, cell malfunction. There are two causes, toxicity and deficiency.”
11. You and only you are responsible for your own health.
The easy part is accepting this. The hard part is undoing the brainwashing most people have had. Health is much simpler than we make it out to be. Eat mostly raw, nutrient dense foods as free of toxins as you can find. If most of your diet consists of raw fresh fruits and vegetables that have been grown properly (in rich soil), you will prevent almost every disease plaguing man today, and eradicate most as well.
12. Ignore the top disclaimer. That’s only for us not to get sued.
Note: Please remember, the entire list, including number 12 is what we would say only if we had no concern of lawsuits, but we do.

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