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Detox with Beet Kvass

March 21, 2011

Detox Naturally with Beet Kvass
Mar 18, 2011 by Jenny Cline

Beets Have Healing Power – Foto DawgA growing dissatisfaction with modern medicine has inspired a trend toward natural solutions and tried and true remedies such as beet kvass.

There are hundreds, if not thousands, of detox products, including everything from beverages and tonics to herbal supplements and regimented diets, all promising to cleanse and detoxify your liver and improve your immune function. Many claim success from using one or more of these products and feel it was money well spent. However, for those seeking a 100% natural way to cleanse toxins from the body, beet kvass is a nutritious, easy and affordable alternative.

Beet Kvass Benefits
Beet kvass is a lacto-fermented beverage that is high in anti-oxidants, vitamins and minerals; especially, folate, a member of the B vitamin family. Folate is vital to cellular production and health and lowers homocysteine levels, which when high, increase the risk of stroke, heart disease and many other serious diseases.

According to Sally Fallon, author of Nourishing Traditions, lacto-fermented beet kvass increases the number of digestive enzymes in those who drink it regularly, making it an excellent dietary aide, while alkalizing the blood and cleansing the liver. Homeopaths often recommend beet kvass as a daily supplement to cancer patients in order to help the body dispose of the toxic residue left behind by chemo therapy and radiation, as well as to former substance abusers to aid in physical recovery.

Many people incorporate this salty beverage into their daily diet and report surprising positive effects: healthier hair and skin, less pain in joints, better sleep, improved kidney and bladder function, increased energy and many more.

Proving the Claims
As with most natural and homeopathic treatments, formally conducted and documented studies with published results are far and few between. Pioneer authors in naturopathy, homeopathy and natural nutrition rely greatly upon documented historical uses and the science of the nutrition to inform the health conscious public of natural solutions. Word of mouth is a powerful tool as well; however, there is no evidence more convincing than that of personal experience. Try beet kvass and be prepared to be convinced.

How to Make Your Own Beet Kvass
There are several variations of beet kvass, however, the one closest to its Ukranian roots is Sally Fallon’s Nourishing Traditions recipe, as shown here:

•3 medium or 2 large organic beets
•1/4 cup whey
•1 tbsp sea salt
•2 quarts filtered water
Wash and peel beets and chop coarsely.( Do not use shredded beets; this will cause too rapid a fermentation that favors the production of alcohol as opposed to lactic acid.) Place beets, salt and whey in a two-quart glass container. Add the filtered water. Stir well and cover tightly. Keep at room temperature for two days, then transfer to refrigerator.

When all liquid has been drank, refill container with filtered water, stir and cover. Again, keep at room temperature for two days, then refrigerate. This batch will be less strong than the first. After all the liquid has been drank, discard the beets.

You may reserve some of the beet kvass to use as the inoculant in your next batch instead of the whey.

Drink four ounces daily in the morning and again in the evening.


Fallon, Sally, and Mary G. Enig. Nourishing Traditions. Washington, DC: New Trends Publishing,1999. Print.

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