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CT scan alert- how much radiation are you getting?

February 24, 2011

Did you know, that according to expert radiologist, Dr. Rebecca Smith-Bindman, an authority on the health effects of medical imaging, that the amount of radiation from one CT of the Abdomen/Pelvis equates to 300 airplane trips to Europe, 900 chest x-rays, 1800 dental x-rays and 180,000 airport scans? And the more radiation you get the more likely you will get cancer from it? In 1985, the average radiation dose that people received was 3.7 MsV, 25% from imaging and 75% from natural sources (CTs were rare then). In 2006 the average dose per person was 6.2 MsV, with 50% from the environment and 50% from imaging. This difference is due to mostly the use of CT. There is a need to get good diagnoses, and sometimes a CT is needed, but weigh the risks the next time your doctor casually scribbles out for a CT scan. The dangers are real.

Have a great week.

Dr David Minkoff MD

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