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Organic Consumers Association has Identified 12 priorities for this year

December 30, 2010

What we eat, where it comes from, how it was produced, and by whom, have a decisive impact on the world around us. Our food choices determine whether we are causing or alleviating hunger, poor health, environmental destruction, climate change, poverty among farmers, exploitation of farm workers, and abuses of farm animals.
The Organic Consumers Association has identified 12 priorities for action over the next 12 months. These are our New Year’s resolutions. We’ll be trying to make these priorities official policy at the federal, state and local levels, but they also make a good to-do list for daily living. In hopes of inspiring you, here’s an inspirational video that illustrates each.
1. Eat Organic
2. Grow Organic
3. Compost
4. Boycott Factory Farms
5. Support Carbon Farms
6. Defend the Forests
7. Grow Edible Forest Gardens
8. Protect Wild Fish
9. Save the Bees
10. End Exploitation of Farm Workers
11. Promote Local Farmers
12. Learn from First Nations

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