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Too late to save, too late to invest, too set in my

September 21, 2010

Leo J Quinn newsletter 9/21- this is some of the most down-to-earth advice I have heard in a long time- you might want to sign up for Leo’s newsletter

“The complete response was…

Too late to save, too late to invest, too set in my
ways to improve much now, don’t have kids at
home, College demands are over, and I have
Creditors lining up to sue me. Not sure any advice
would help! Need to make money or sink. 

Not a fun situation to be in, for sure.  

First step is to contact
The specific page on that site is:
Don’t deal with any orgs that advertise they can
help with your debt situation unless they get a 
link from that site.

They charge a $20-$40 a month and they deal with
your creditors to get you on the right foot.

If they can’t help, they’ll point you in the right direction.

So that was my practical advice.

Now my less practical advice… 🙂

Send your kids a bill.  They got through college and
I assume the situation you are in was caused, at least
in some part, by that?


$100 a month or more!  At least make them cover

a bill.  How about the cable or internet bill?

Try this…

 Get a little notebook to carry around 

with you.  From the time you wake up 

to the time you go to bed make a note 

of everything going RIGHT in your life.


My alarm clock worked

The electricity is on

The hot water tank is warming the water

I feel healthy (don’t write “I’m not sick”)

My kids are healthy

The plumbing works

The refridge is still cooling

The microwave works!

The garage door opener is working

The car started right up

The snow plows got my street cleared early

My newspaper was delivered on time

My son gave me a hug for no reason

My spouse made me breakfast

My parents are healthy

The computer is working

Email is flowing

You get the idea.  

Don’t ignore the challenges.  That

only makes things worse but don’t

forget the good stuff.

When you stop to think about it, 

there really is a LOT going right 

in your life.  Focus on that.

Thanks for reading.

Make it a great day!


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